• Anemia and Your Oral Health
    One of the most common clues that you might have anemia is found in your smile. If you’ve noticed that your gums are suddenly paler than they used to be, Read more
  • Balancing Act
    We’re all trying to find a healthy balance in our lives. Balancing work and home life. Eating a well-balanced diet. Balancing our budgets. Maintaining the right pH balance in our Read more
  • November Marks National Diabetes Awareness Month
    Diabetes is a chronic disease that increases the risk for many serious health problems, including severe gum disease. November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and it’s a great time for us Read more
  • FAQs About Dental Implants
    Patients who have missing teeth or major tooth and gum problems often have questions about dental implants. Implants are the modern solution for replacing teeth and are now often preferred Read more
  • Halloween: Candy, costumes, and more!
    All Hallows' Eve, more commonly known as Halloween, is a yearly event celebrated on October 31, and one that is anticipated by the young and young at heart all over Read more
  • What is hand-foot-and-mouth disease?
    Hand-foot-and-mouth disease, or HFMD, is a type of contagious viral illness that causes a rash in the mouth and on the hands and feet of infants and young children, and, Read more
  • Steer clear of that candy!
    At Mailene Soyster, we know how tempting candy can sometimes be on our sweet tooth, but it’s important to remember that every candy and sugary treat you consume elevates your Read more
  • Do You Need Night Guards And Grinding Appliances?
    Many people are in a habit to grind or clench their teeth at night and if you are suffering from such a problem, it is recommended to protect your teeth. Read more
  • Role Of Dentists In Full Mouth Rehabilitation And Oral Surgeries
    For full mouth rehabilitation, a dentist performs a variety of procedures to make your smile beautiful and pleasing. There are many techniques and options are available to treat discolored, chipped and Read more
  • How Dentures And Oral Surgeon Are Different From Orthodontist
    Various reputed sedation dentistry services providers in Pleasant Hill have been identified. They are not have desired licence but also have a team of qualified and trained professionals. Indeed the Read more
  • Get Best Sedation Dentistry Services In Pleasant Hill
    If you are afraid of the pain that you may have to sustain while undergoing dental treatment, availing sedation dentistry services in Pleasant Hill is the best idea. It helps people Read more
  • Laser Use In Dentistry
    My name is Angela Loza, I am your Hygienist at Gregory Lane Family and Implant Dentistry. I completed the Advanced Laser training course and received my Level I Soft Tissue Read more
  • Dentures And Oral Surgeon Care Your Oral Treatment And Hygiene
    Seeking an oral surgeon is the right way to come out of all the oral problems that occur in the mouth, jaws, face, neck or head. Overall they take care Read more
  • What is Fractured Tooth Syndrome?
    What is Fractured Tooth Syndrome? Fractured tooth syndrome appears most often on molars. However, front teeth chipping on the edges and slow degeneration of enamel and shortening tooth length is common Read more
  • Who Is Natures Cavity Fighting Element
    WHAT EXACTLY IS FLUORIDE ? Fluoride is a naturally-occurring and abundant element/ mineral, that helps prevent cavities in children and adults by making enamel (the outer surface of your teeth) more resistant to Read more
    <p>There are many Prosthodontist and oral surgeons that ready to extend their help to those who are in need of dental service. These professionals will all claim they are the Read more

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