Sedation Dentistry

Dental patient relaxing. Pleasant Hill Sedation Dentistry.
Sedation Dentistry in Pleasant Hill, CA

Going to the dentist is known for causing anxiety, especially if you need a lengthy oral surgical procedure. Because she wants people to feel comfortable during treatments, Mailene Soyster, DDS specializes in providing modern sedation dentistry. When you receive treatments at Gregory Ln. Family & Implant Dental Practice in Pleasant Hill, California, you won’t have to worry about pain or discomfort. If you have anxiety about the dentist or are worried about pain, book an appointment to see if sedation dentistry is right for you. Schedule your evaluation by calling the clinic, or by booking online

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

How does sedation dentistry work?

Sedation dentistry helps you relax during dental treatments.

While sedation is ideal for extended dental procedures, including root canals and extractions, it also relieves anxiety for routine exams and cleanings. In some cases, sedation is even essential for issues unrelated to the dentist, such as back pain that makes it uncomfortable to lie back in the dentist’s chair.

Sedation dentistry isn’t designed to put you to sleep, but it is supposed to help you relax by making you drowsy or almost unconscious — completely sedated — depending on which variety is best for you. Many people grow so relaxed, however, that they fall asleep in the dentist’s chair.

Other times, people who stay awake have no memory of going through the treatment or procedure.

What is the best type of sedation dentistry?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all “best” type of sedation dentistry. The one that’s best for you depends on your specific procedure and what works for you. Many people do well with nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas. This gentle gas helps you relax while inhaling it.

Dr. Soyster also offers advanced oral sedation. This option comes in pill form that you take about 30-60 minutes before your procedure. Depending on your needs and the strength of your particular dose, you’re going to start feeling drowsy, but still awake. You might fall asleep shortly after lying back in the dental chair.

Do I need a ride home after sedation dentistry?

Usually, yes. You won’t be able to drive home after oral sedation, even if you have a mild dose. It’s important to schedule a ride home and for someone to stay with you for 24 hours, or until the sedative wears off.

This is one of the benefits of nitrous oxide sedation, though: The effects wear off shortly after you stop inhaling the gas.

After your dental treatment is over, Dr. Soyster switches the gas from nitrous oxide to oxygen, so the drowsy effects immediately wear off. Because nitrous oxide doesn’t stay in your system, it’s safe to drive yourself home.

Schedule an exam to learn more about sedation dentistry by calling the Pleasant Hill, CA dental office of Gregory Ln. Family & Implant Dental Practice at (925) 689-1020, or by requesting an appointment online.


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