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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehab.

How will full mouth rehabilitation improve my smile?

Full mouth rehabilitation provides a series of cosmetic restorations in combination with restorative treatments to dramatically improve the look of your smile. Think of this rehabilitation as a smile makeover. As an example, a tooth with considerable decay will need a filling capped with a dental crown for additional protection and support. It might also be necessary to add a dental bridge. However, once the bridge is added, you might decide the neighboring teeth could use some teeth whitening for aesthetic uniformity with the crown.

Some patients are concerned about the appearance of aged silver fillings that become progressively darker as time passes. A full mouth rehabilitation eliminates this problem by replacing the aged filling with one that resembles a tooth and blends in just right with the rest of your chompers.

Why are missing teeth a problem and what options are available to replace them?

Missing teeth can be addressed with dental implants, a fixed bridge or dentures. It is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible as they can prove problematic in a number of ways. Missing teeth compromise physical appearance and also cause a series of additional oral health problems. As an example, all it takes is a single missing tooth to cause teeth to shift into the gap. Shifting teeth are problematic for numerous reasons. Furthermore, missing teeth can eventually cause facial sagging.

Why are X-rays required?

X-rays are an important component of dental treatment as the dentist must understand what is happening in the teeth.  X-rays make it that much easier to identify and treat issues like decay before it causes extensive tooth damage and considerable discomfort. Though some patients are concerned about x-rays, there is no reason to worry as technology has advanced to the point that today's x-rays are perfectly safe.

What are the benefits of full mouth rehabilitation?

Patients who have extensive tooth damage or have lost teeth are typically more susceptible to oral disease. Such conditions make it that much more difficult to maintain oral hygiene Tooth decay, gum disease and additional oral health problems will inevitably result from insufficient oral hygiene. Damaged teeth also have the potential to perish. If decay moves to the tooth's core, referred to as the pulp, the tooth might not survive.

Am I a candidate for full mouth rehabilitation?

Only your dentist can answer this question. However, those who have two dental health problems or multiple complications are excellent candidates for a full mouth rehabilitation. Meet with your dentist to determine if you are a will need a full rehabilitation.

Will it be painful?

There is the potential for some discomfort. However, our dental team goes to great lengths to keep you as comfortable as possible. The dentist might apply a local or general anesthetic to minimize pain. The dentist might also provide IV sedation therapy to reduce anxiety and keep you as calm as possible.

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